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Kolesova Tatyana Valeryevna, Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of foreign languages, Mari State University (1 Lenina square, Yoshkar-Ola, Republic of Mari El, Russia), 

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Background. The use of means of information technologies of education, having great didactic opportunities, allows monitoring of educational activity of students studying foreign languages, thereby increasing the quality of teaching the subject in a university. Conduction of contests is one of the forms of realization of quality monitoring of students’ knowledge and skills.
Materials and methods. Implementation of the tasks was achieved through development of a computer testing system «English contest for university students» in Visual Basic .Net language, intended for implementation of the subjectcontest among the university students of 1–4 courses of non-linguistic majors. In the course of development, introduction and approbation of this computer program the authors used the methods of theoretical research (literature review and synthesis of advanced pedagogical experience in the application of information technologies for language contest in high schools) and empirical research (testing, questioning, methods of information presentation, methods of control, methods of statistical processing of research results).
Results. The author conducted a study of a possibility to monit quality of students’ knowledge and skills through the use of means of information technologies in education. The structure, types of tasks and the algorithm of work in the given computer training system were described, a thorough analysis of the results, based on the results of tasks execution based on the results of the survey of the participants was conducted.
Conclusions. The author presents the analysis of capacities of information technologies in education for high-quality monitoring of educational activity of students in the subject «Foreign language». The example of the author’s development shows that information technology tools absolutely make it possible to hold university contest. 

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educatedness level, monitoring, quality of foreign language study, quality of education, information technologies in education. 

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